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Mankato Riverblenders
Photo Gallery

Southwest Division Contest at Stillwater, MN -- May, 2019

Chorus at SW Div at Stillwater


Valentine pix 2019


July 4th, 2018 St. Peter Parade

St Peter Parade 2018


Summer Picnic at Schmidt's Home July 10, 2018

With Lots of Impromptu Quartet Singing!
And Lots of Great Food!

Picnic Colage


Picnic Collage 2


2018 Show "Harmony on the High "C"s

The cast including guest quartet and trio

Pic from show 2018

More pictures from our show.

2018 Show collage


Valentines Day 2018 - Magic


Riverbend Quartet Valentine pix

Oh! Brother Valentine Pix

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One of many parades in 2017
St. Peter, MN July 4, 2017

St. Peter Parade July 4, 2017

St Peter Parade 2


Click here to check out the photo gallery of the 2009 show. 
Thanks again to Gordy Lundin.

Photo Gallery of the 2008 show has been added.  Click here to view the Gallery.  Thanks to Gordy Lundin for the pix.

Thanks to Gordy Lundin, we have photos of the picnic and quartet contest June 2007.  Click here to enter the photo gallery.

Click here to see photos of the 2007
show "Parade of Quartets"

2011 Southwest Division Contest

the chorusRiverblenders Chorus

Grand Design, SW Division Quartet ChampsGrand Design Quartet

Soul Purpose, Novice Champs Soul Purpose Quartet

The Very Large Quartet Champions from MankatoVery Large Quartet

2009 Show - "Remember Radio"
2009 Show "Remember Radio"

Ring the Bell for Salvation Army at CUB Foods, Mankato

Salvation Army Bell ringing

More at CUB Foods East- Mankato

Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Real Life Co-Op


More at Real Life - After CUBS


Rochester, MN Convention - October, 2006

Riverblenders Chorus live at Rochester Riverblenders Chorus at Rochester convention


Rock Bend Festival Sing-out

Rock Bend Festival Summer 06
Performing for the Rock Bend Folk Festival

waiting to perform
Ready to go on stage

first time for new shirts
Rock Bend Folk Festival Performance - St. Peter, MN
Thanks to Charlie Youngblom for the Rock Bend Photos


Church Singouts

Centenary United Methodist - Mankato, MN
Centenary United Methodist Church - Mankato, MN August 20, 2006

Centernary two
Doug takes over to direct part of the Mankato churches

Mankato church sing out August 2006
More at Centenary UMC

One more at Centenary UMC
Now where do we go from here?

Waiting before entering First Presbyterian
Gathering before singing at First Presbyterian in Mankato


church singout
Church singout - Medo

Church performance - Medo Lutheran
Medo Lutheran

Medo Lutheran church performance
Singing at Medo

Waiting in Mapleton
These were the only "chairs" in the shade!
Waiting between churches in Mapleton, MN

Kid in all of us!
A little child in all of us! - Mapleton, MN


Picnic and "Hamburger Fry" 2006

Picnic 1 a quartet
Who is that Quartet?


"Grill of my Dreams"
Grill Masters

Picnic 6 Purple smoke from grill
Purple Smoke?  What are they cooking up?

First time guest sings along too
Guest arrives for first time and is "forced" to sing in this Quartet!

Why did we pick such a hard song?
Good thing we do this just for fun!

Picnic 8
Didn't I just see that shirt in a different Quartet?

chorus sings at picnic
The Chorus "finally" gets to sing too!

watch the director

picnic 10
Watch the Director!

Soul Purpose Quartet
Soul Purpose

Magic Quartet - which version is this?
Now exactly which Magic is this anyway?

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